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YJ-3210 High Frequency Mobile Radiography System Application This is a modular X-ray photography medical diagnosis equipment, which is available for wards 、 emergency 、 operating room 、 ICU and so on. An mobile diagnosis equipment for photography of body locutions such as head 、 arms 、 thoracic...

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YJ-3210 High Frequency Mobile Radiography System



This is a modular X-ray photography medical diagnosis equipment, which is available for wardsemergencyoperating roomICU and so on. An mobile diagnosis equipment for photography of body locutions such as headarmsthoracic cavity and waist abdomen. 


Power Output: 3.5KW 

Frequency : 40KHz 

X-ray Tube : Fixed anode 

Focus : 0.6/1.5mm 

Tube Voltage : 40-110KV (interval 1KV) 

Tube Current : 31-70mA 

Power Supply: 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz inner-resistance≤0.5Ω 

Operation Method: Wire/Wireless control


X-ray generator: 

1. Power: 3.5kw 

2. Tube voltage: 40-110kV, each 1kV 

3. Frequency: high frequency, 40kHz 

4. Tube currency: 70mA 

5. Exposure time: 0.04-3.2s; radiography mAs 1-250mAs (adjustable) 

8. Wireless exposure remote controller Tube:

1. Dual focus: 0.6mm/1.5 mm; 

2. anode angle: ≤12°, anode heat capacity: ≥200KHu; 

3. beam splitter rotating range: ±90°, with indication lamp; 

4. x ray leak: ≤0.2mGy/h 

Mobile stand: 

1. whole unit collapsible, X ray tube vertical motion range: ≥1200mm; 

2. wishbone rotating angle: ±90°; 

3. with mechanical brakes; 

4. A full range for head rotation, easy positioned when photography;

II Standard Configuration 

1.Modular high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator; High-frequency inverter power.(3.5KW, 110KV, 70mA, 40KHZ) one set

2.Innovative mobile X-ray photography Main frame one set 

3.Mobile X-ray photography control system one set 

4.Symmetric Adjustable beam limiter with light one set 6. 12” X 15” Image Intensify ,Cassette , Grid one set 7.General spare parts Several 


Lovely appearance, and easy to move and operate; Possess all the features of all the mobile X-ray photography machines. 

The piller can be rotated right and left ±90°,which can easy to operate in the wards. 

We incorporate the latest compact high-frequency and high-voltage X-ray generator, which ensure superior image quality, while the skin dose is low , to protect the patient better. 

Adopt the technology of kV and mAs numeral closed loop control, Real-time control of the microprocessor, which ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the output dose. 

The parameter can be adjust by the KV and mAs two-button system. High- brightnessblue screen LCD display. With multiple security protect function such as over-voltage, over-current. 

With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce irradiation, which is much safer to environment and operator.

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