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Spanish Slang Words Used in Central America

Let’s learn the most common Spanish slang words from each country in Central America.

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Spanish Slang Words. Example: Wey, me cae gorda porque habla muy fresa.

Spanish Curse Words that are NSFW | My Daily Spanish

Learn how to curse in Spanish with this list of swear words and phrases.

in Spanish like a Native: Essential Vocab and Phrases

Learn how to write a letter or email in Spanish like a native.

Spanish Language and the Media: 27 Headlines With Spanish Slang

This is the second part of our series Slang in the News where we share Spanish slang examples from newspapers around Latin America.

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Jul 4, 2015 - Spanish Words Across Countries | Different Spanish Words in Different Countries

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Most of the time, new Spanish learners have some difficulties telling the difference between saber and conocer in Spanish.

Slang Words & Phrases

Learning English slang is one of the more advanced stages of mastering the language, but if you’re a beginner it doesn’t hurt to get a head-start!

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Nicknames of Football / Soccer teams and from around the world